Non-violent communication


Communication is a process of exchange of information and emotions that influence two or more people and take place in a given context. 

The principle of non-violent communication (NVC)  helps to pay attention to inner needs and non-verbal cues, both our own and those of others. This simple training can help develop a range of skills to bring more peaceful attitudes to families and communities. It will give insights on how to avoid the language of guilt, judgment, and domination.

The implementation of this method is useful to analyse your emotions, feelings, values and your communication style at the large in order to know what you want to achieve in the process of communication (with yourself and others).


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Training session
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Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic can benefit your volunteers, here is a step-by-step guide for you to run this session with your association. Thank you for this great session EANAM.


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