Our projects

Genesis of the project

During the lockdown, we realized that all the International CISV activities would be cancelled.

Brussels has always been a cultural crossroads. That’s how we came to the idea of mixing 2 classes (kids 10-11 years old) from different parts of Brussels.

Melting Pote was born

In Brussels the word Melting Pot means a mixture of different things.

In French, Pote is a familiar word for “dear friend”

The project will be documented, and we will take the time to analyze good practices in the context of socio-cultural exchanges, to be able to train and recruit facilitators in this sector.

This project will have its full meaning if each participant, child-adult, comes out at the end of the project, more curious and open to others.

Objectives of the project

The objective of the Melting Pote project is to allow classes from different socio-cultural backgrounds to meet, in order to tame otherness.

Through inclusive activities allowing them to meet each other, we want children to experience difference and share it as a real richness.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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