Conflict Management

Fish bowl of conflicts

Training The point of this session is to understand that it is important especially in conflict situations to listen to other people ideas and not just your own. As a Tips for facilitators having a good idea of all the practical responsibilities is important because there may be a lot of questions. It could be […]

Non-violent communication

Training Communication is a process of exchange of information and emotions that influence two or more people and take place in a given context.  The principle of non-violent communication (NVC)  helps to pay attention to inner needs and non-verbal cues, both our own and those of others. This simple training can help develop a range […]

Conflict Strategies

Training Marcel Van Britsom (CISV Belgium) is a professional trainer and a psychosocial risk advisor. As an expert in Learning and Development Marcel is offering us an excellent way to handle conflict and analysis of conflict escalation Training session Download the training session Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic can benefit […]

Introduction to Conflict Management

Training Erwin Cudis (CISV Philippines) is a consultant who offers services in organizational development, human resource management, and training and development.  Besides being an impressive expert, Erwin is generous and genuinely cool. Thank you, Erwin, for your contribution to this project. Training session Download the training session Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic […]

Communication as Central Tool in Conflict Resolution

Training Lia Yokomizo (CISV Brazil) is an attorney who specializes in dispute resolution. Her virtual workshop will raise awareness on how communication, or lack thereof, can be a trigger to disputes and how mastering communication skills may help you not only prevent but also solve disputes. Webinar Watch the Webinar ! Presentation Download the presentation […]

Understanding and Analyzing Conflict

Training When engaging in a conversation you can easily be overwhelmed by the emotional climate of the discussion and therefore this can have a negative effect on the way you act. When dealing with issues that can generate tension or anger, you respond with frustration. This attitude is negative and inefficient and can lead to […]

Conflict Resolution Skills and Personal Strategies

Training The aim of this training is to provide an insight intothe conflict resolution process. Usually, people have different understandings due to different perceptions, previous experiences, beliefs, emotions, and memories.  Negotiation is a process by which people settle differences, reach compromise or agreement in trying to avoid bitter arguments and disputes. Training session Download the […]

Expressing your Needs with Non-violent Communication

Training When working in a team, conflict can be a resource because it triggers change and opens new possibilities. At the same time, it can represent a difficult challenge and take away the joy of the experience. How can we turn conflict into a gift in our teams? Considering your own and other people’s needs […]

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