Online Guide

Online guide

Based on first-hand experiences, this guide is meant for volunteers within a youth organization, but also any individuals that are looking for ways to run interactive workshops, activities, or discussions online. The guide consists of various relevant steps for organizing such online events, from the planning phase to running the activity and finally evaluating.

Online guide
Download the Guide about how to run an online activity

We are excited to present to you our results and hope that they will help you to run online-events. Enjoy the guide and the additional resources that we have linked throughout the document.

Discord guide
Download the Guide about Discord

In this guide we will be explaining the basic functionalities of Discord, as well as more advanced functionalities and tips and tricks that will help you with running activities in an online format. Thanks to EJBTEAM (Junior Branches of CISV EMEA national associations)

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Zoom guide
Download the Guide about Zoom

Discover this introduction about zoom and the important features using zoom and its different options when used as a tool for online activities.

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Mentimenter / Miro Guide
Download the Guide about Mentimenter & Miro

Discover how to use helpful tools and apps during an ongoing online activity for an interactive experience.
Miro: Whiteboards and notes for idea and thoughts sharing
Mentimenter: For Quizzes and Poles 

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We say that “It takes a village to raise a child”, with the Truth Project and particularly our friends from CISV International, it is a worldwide community getting together to make a positive impact in the world. Thank you all for your professionalism and the endless hours that you and your team have spent to contribute to this Online Activity Guide.

Main contributor from the Truth Project Team:

Content: Rouven Schütte (CISV Germany) – Carolina L. Facchi (CISV Italy) – Omri Shoval (CISV Israel) – Ian Wallbridge (CISV Great Britain) – Alma Fernanda Rotter Zárraga (CISV Mexico) –Annie Hall (CISV Great Britain) – Melissa Lauwers (CISV Belgium) 

Design: Lucas Neitsch (CISV Germany)

Discord Guide and some sample of activities: EJBTEAM Working Group

Lesson Learned from Online Camp: CISV Germany; CISV Chile – 4 online camps in total

Sample of activities:

CISVatHome initiative in the Americas that gathered volunteers from 10 associations: CISV Argentina -CISV Guatemala- CISV Ecuador- CISV Mexico- CISV Honduras-CISV Perú-CISV Colombia-CISV Chile – CISV El Salvador – CISV Canada-CISV Uruguay.

As the list would be too long, we would like to thank the initiators of this project: Ximena Carreño (CISV Ecuador) – Ana Pau Ortiz (CISV Mexico) – Diego Batteria (CISV Argentina)

Risk Management and Child Protection Policy: CISV International and Staff of the International Office

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