Since its beginning, the Truth Project has worked in cooperation with like-minded organizations for the purpose of creating and gathering resources for youth workers and volunteer work.

CISV Belgium

CISV Belgium is an association sans but lucratif (asbl) set up in 1969 to build up friendship and mutual understanding of different cultures all over the world. The association helps their young participants to learn to respect different and common values, to develop to their full potential as future active citizens, to make a difference in their communities and the world. Moreover, they give their young participants the opportunity to build global friendships and lifetime networks. Over the years CISV Belgium volunteers have organized tens of international educational programmes and have sent abroad hundreds of children, with constant support from youth workers (YWs). 

CISV Belgium offers different activities: The association organises international camps for teenagers and young adults from the age of 11. In the camps, the participants learn to live and cooperate with participants coming from all over the world, taking part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities. Older participants are encouraged to plan and organise activities themselves, collaborating, and sticking to the objective of peace education, around the themes of identity, democracy, environmental protection, etc. The asbl also organised international or national community-based programs in partnership with local organisations. In that case, a group of volunteers coming from different countries work together on a community project that benefits a community and its environment. CISV Belgium operates as a member of CISV International that is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding through innovative, fun, non-formal « learning-by-doing » programs. 

CISV International is a UNESCO partner Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), holds participatory status with the Council of Europe, and is a candidate member of the European Youth Forum. For more information about this incredible organisation, please visit their website

Team members

Emilie has a participant and youth worker experience in CISV and is now in charge of the fundraising team, so she has to build projects to help CISV Belgium raise money to organise all its programs. She worked as an interpreter for different institutions and organisations and has taken part in different projects with NGOs at a national and international level for example with refugees so she is used to intercultural communication and international relations. She now works as a language teacher for adults from all origins and backgrounds and is very talented in creating a team atmosphere and feeling in mixed groups. She will be the coordinator of this project and will be in charge of the communication and project management with the partner countries and organisations, in cooperation with Mélissa Lauwers. 

Melissa is a “CISV Stereotype”. Originally from CISV Belgium from active volunteer in Belgium to staff for CISV International she has accumulated experience, comprehension and understanding of the organisation, its development, and its needs. From CISV camps to bigger projects like Truth Project she likes sharing her energy and expertise in international project management and in learning and development. She loves connecting people to work for a common goal and she ensured the effective communication between all parties involved. In collaboration with Emilie Wirth, she articulates the project and makes sure that this initiative benefits CISV as a whole. 

Sabi is Italian-Brazilian and has been in CISV since she was 11, but took a long break to return as an adult in 2016. After a few camps as leader and staff, she became a Village Leadership Trainer in Italy. Currently she lives in Belgium, and is helping TRUTH in the Online Activities and Activity Guidance modules, as well as with the Activity Templates.

Catherine has a Master in psychology from the University of Brussels, her career led her to run an HR service for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant followed by consultancy in career coaching and skills development, Trained and certified at  MBTI, Insights, Mindfulness and Coaching. She fully dedicates herself to missions accompanying people or organisations in their sustainable growth process. What she loves most of all is helping people to evolve beyond their limiting beliefs. This allows them to know better who they are, nurture their deep roots. In her spare time, Catherine also volunteers for CISV and is President of a Belgian Chapter. She loves when she can induce a teenager  to ask themselves : “Who am I really ? What impact can I have on the world ?

Nora is a young woman full of energy, projects and ambition. She presents herself as a warrior who loves challenges. Always positive and smiling, she holds high her values of friendship, peace and sustainability. At the moment she is working on the creation of her company with the aim of creating a better world through her project.
With her vast experience in project creation, event organisation, public relations and team management, she is sharing her skills and knowledge to work for this magnificent Truth project in the project management team.
To reload her batteries, she enjoys walking in nature with her loyal companion, going to the cinema, playing the flute, cooking and chatting over organic good tea with her friends.

Since its beginning, the Truth Project has worked in cooperation with like-minded organizations for the purpose of creating and gathering resources for youth workers and volunteer work.


CISV Germany (also knows as GKJ Deutschland) is one of the largest non-profit organisations of the country, with 11 local organisations spread over Germany. In 2018 it counted 6,279 new members, 2,836 of which are younger than 30.  In 2018  CISV Germany sent abroad a considerable number of people to programme run by CISV International : Village programme: 36 participants (age 11), 18 Junior Counsellors (age 16/17), 36 Leaders (age 21 and older), 15 Staffs national and international (age 21 and older);  Youth Meeting programme: 27 participants (age 13-19), 11 Leaders (age 21 and older);  Step Up programme: 16 participants (age 14-15), 16 Leaders (age 21 and older); Seminar Camp programme: 24 participants to 14 different Seminar Camps (age 19+);  IPP programme: 5 participants to the (age 19+) and many participants and Leaders to the Interchange programme (age 12-14). For more information about the different programmes offered by CISV International, please visit their website.

CISV Germany can count on a strong communication and dissemination team to ensure the visibility of its programs to school students and to recruit youth workers with uncommon characteristics. This allows the smooth implementation and success of its programs. Leaders, Staff members, and participants are prepared in advance as a delegation/team and get concerted training on the local, regional and national level before being sent to the programme. Training are conducted by experienced youth workers and certified trainers according to CISVs best practice and quality guidelines while based on CISV Germany’s educational principles of experiential learning. Debriefing and evaluation are constant parts of this training process for all participants. The core and heart of CISV Germany is the volunteer work of its local organisations and their members, coordinated and supported by CISV Germany and its committees. 

The association educates and inspires volunteers to become active global citizens and take CISV Germany’s ideas of a peaceful world into their everyday lives. Therefore, local activities, MOSAIC programmes with partner NGOs, and National gatherings are organised. In the medium to long term, with this project CISV Germany aims at gaining more popularity and recognition, generating contacts with other NGOs and growing as an organisation through recruiting more active participants and leaders, more host families and in general more volunteers to support our activities and thereby help to educate and inspire actions for a more just and peaceful world


Team members

This is Johannes, a natural scientist and trainer from Münster/Germany. He grew up with CISV and has been part of the national leaders training team for 20 years now. With this expertise and his passion for organisational tasks he went to set up the German TRUTH team as a coordinator and participated in the initial team that shape this wonderful project. Casually he might be busy with his three adorable children.

Alina is a sagittarius. She loves good vibes and happy people. She has been part of CISV since 2016, which started off in Leipzig, Germany as Junior Representative. She was a youth worker a leader in a Village (summer camp) in 2018 and staffed a Youth Meeting in 2019/2020. Within the TRUTH project she is part of CISV Germany core team and she is supporting the ‘project management’ team.

Milan Böttner is TRUTH Junior Branch Coordinator. He is in charge of all the communication and coordination with the Junior Branch in terms of their activities, planning and development. He is also part of the team that organises TRUTH webinar training series. In addition, he is involved in CISV Germany training committees. Besides being a volunteer he is a nursing student in pediatrics, the youngest brother and a passionate fan of silly puns.

Rouven has been very active in CISV throughout the past 10 years. After having contributed to the development of the organization within the Junior Branch, and planning a number of workshop weekends and camps, he entered the training field of CISV Germany by first training participants for one of CISV programs, the Seminar Camp, and then joining the team for the national training. Within the Truth-Project he is part of the Activity Development Team, working on Activity resources for youth organizations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, together with Sabrina he took educational activities to Online-Meetings to enable children and youth to experience intercultural encounters, even in times where international in-person camps are impossible to take place responsibly.

Christina is a dedicated volunteer for CISV Germany International and also  leads the Training and Quality Assurance Team in EMEA for CISV International since 2015. Not only within CISV but also in her professional life as management consultant, she gained relevant experiences in blended learning to share now within the TRUTH project. As a passionate trainer and facilitator Christina will support other volunteers and trainers, especially in the area of Train-the-Trainer, intercultural communication and leadership development. We cannot wait to see her creating lasting learning experiences with her interactive and creative approach.

Hi my name is Niko. I am from the beautiful city of Hamburg. Currently studying to become a teacher. I love to see new places and to meet no faces. Being happy is my lifestyle.

Since its beginning, the Truth Project has worked in cooperation with like-minded organizations for the purpose of creating and gathering resources for youth workers and volunteer work.

CISV Chile

CISV Chile (also known as ACEP Chile) is an organization that promotes education for peace through educational experiences aimed at children, youth and adults, both locally and internationally

Additionally, CISV Chile works together with a team of young people (Junior Branch Chile) who also organize some local volunteering programmes with NGOs to support children with difficulties. CISV Chile aims to create global friendships, empowering youth to develop their talents and abilities, recognize their environment, anticipate changes and make decisions that positively affect others. The educational content offered is interdependent with the one CISV International offers with its programmes. The local organization is currently looking to establish partnerships with universities to involve more young people to participate in the organization activities. It is developing year by year new educational programs with a growing number of participants. The organisation has the goal to double the number of educational experiences by the year 2030.

For this reason, extending training to youth workers, especially in issues such as conflict resolution, diversity management, sustainability and human rights is considered important.

At the local level, the main activities implemented are:

  1. Leadership training program for young people from 17 to 21 years old organized throughout the year;
  2. Minicamps for children from 10 to 13 years old and 14 to 17 years old organized twice a year ;
  3. Periodic public activities in parks or schools (educational games with the methodology learning-by-doing) organized every two months;
  4. Community activities, such as supporting children at social risk. CISV Chile is working closely with several local youth associations and has people involved in the actions as the association is quite known and youth workers need to improve a lot their competencies and their recruitment strategy of new volunteers. 

Team members

Fabiola has actively worked on the board of CISV Chile as Risk Manager, President and National Representative. She has also studied the impact of intercultural education on children and youth as she is passionate about promoting peace education through intercultural friendship.

She has experience in various sectors such as entrepreneurship, the public justice system and as a volunteer. She has worked in different social projects, for example in the reconstruction of a small town after the last earthquake in Chile, also establishing connections with indigenous peoples and with people in a state of vulnerability. She hopes to bring this social sensitivity to the project by running Mosaics, as well as developing more activities at Global Mosaic.

Loló has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management. She is a seasoned organization development and talent management, expert.
Loló has been married for 12 years and has two children of 9 and 8 years each. She lives in Chile with her family.
Loló joined CISV when she was 16 years old. She attended a Village as JC in Sweden. Soon after she attended a Youth Meeting and a Seminar Camp in Argentina, she then became an active member of the local and international Junior Branch community. At the age of 21, she became Staff at a Summer Camp in Chile; later on, she was a leader to an Interchange with Italy and subsequently staffed two Seminar camps and a Village in Chile. Her last camps were two seminar camps in Spain and Sweden. Loló continued involved with CISV locally until 2007. She rejoined CISV in March 2020 and is currently working in the Truth Project as a Training Coordinator.

Nena is a design student from Chile. She has been part of CISV for over 5 years now, and has participated in various programs and trainings. At the moment she’s one of the leader’s trainers in CISV Chile. With her knowledge of design and CISV, she takes part in the communications team in the TRUTH project. Specifically, I’m in charge of managing and creating content for social media. Usually, you can find her in anything CISV related.

Here is Pati, our educational training specialist. She is an educational psychologist and consultant, specialised in special education (people with learning difficulties) and child literature. She teaches to university students in pedagogy and creates educational material. That’s why she is the perfect person for the training part of our project! She is creating wonderful educational activities  and sessions for our e-learning platform and her expertise is a great help for the team all along TRUTH’s training process and workshops.

Since its beginning, the Truth Project has worked in cooperation with like-minded organizations for the purpose of creating and gathering resources for youth workers and volunteer work.

European Association for Negotiation and Mediation 

EANAM is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. Its main interests include conflict resolution and conflict transformation, international negotiation and mediation, preventive diplomacy, peace negotiation, cognitive psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. The association’s mission is to propose peace negotiations and mediation through the development and improvement of technical, interpersonal, intercultural, and creative skills of main actors who are going to participate in the negotiation and mediation processes. 

The association provides both advising and training services research-based for a wide range of actors like mediators, negotiators, diplomats and politicians. Its approach is interdisciplinary, and it is based on political and psychological applied processes to international politics. EANAM looks at strengthening individuals and groups’ mental capital (cognitive and emotional resources); cognitive and emotional processes; though flexibility and efficiency; and emotional competence, which entails self-efficiency and resilience in the face of stress.

Psychological and political tailored strategies are aimed to improve individual creative skills that may facilitate the birth of new ideas and help breakthrough and realistic vision for the future; then to nurture analytical skills to help to monitor that the vision is realistic and valuable; and to foster practical skills to make new selected ideas operational and to reinforce the ability of people to persuade others of their principles and values. EANAM provides also tailored training for negotiators, mediators, diplomats, politicians, civil servants with programs and actions oriented to increase participants’ cognitive and emotional resources in a way to implement and strengthen resiliency skills and cognitive-behavioral abilities. 


Team members

Sir Mauro Galluccio holds a PhDs in both Political Scientist and clinical Psychologist specialized in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy. Dr. Galluccio studied and was trained in negotiation and mediation at the Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA; in mentoring and advising at the Washington Institute of Peace, Washington D. C.; and in human and social Interpersonal skills at the Beck’s Institute for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Philadelphia and the School of behavioral and cognitive social skills in Rome, Italy. He is the president of the European Association for Negotiation and Mediation (EANAM) based in Brussels. His main research project topics are preventive diplomacy and resilience strategies, conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation styles and behaviors. He holds training sessions on interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence for children, teenagers and adults.

Laura holds an MSc in Economics and a MA in Science Communication. She has broad experience in financial instruments promoting science, research, and technological innovation. As managing director of Moverim sprl, she is a partner in several projects financed at the EU level, she is in charge of scientific dissemination activities, stakeholders consultation, and engagement, organization of clustering activities, workshops and webinars for transfer of knowledge.

Master Degree in EU politics (2006) and Master of Science in Management at VUB. She is working in the field of EU R&I projects since 2007 gaining relevant experience in EU project management and coordination of EU partnerships, dealing with dissemination, organization of training, managing project social networks, webinars, conferences, and networking events.

Martina holds a master’s degree in European Studies (2015). She has a deep knowledge of EU policies, decision-making processes, and funding instruments. She has acquired specific expertise in project management, communication, and dissemination of project results, as well as in the planning and organization of workshops and training courses.

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