About Us

If you want to know more about us, our project, ours goals, our partners, etc and if you want to get to know our team, you are at the right place!

Training Package

If you are a trainer, here you will find everything you need to run an effective and great training, as well as to train yourself: ready-to-use training session templates, webinars, training tips and additional references if you want more information about one of our topics.

Activity Package

If you are a youth worker, here you will fin everything you need to organise great activities for the participants of your events: ready-to-use activity templates, activity guidance to successfully run your activity and a lot of helpful information and tips to plan events and make your work with volunteers successful and sustainable.

Projects with Local NGOs

If you are interested in our Mosaic Projects, here you can find pictures, reports and useful information about our projects with local associations in Chile, Belgium and Germany.

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