Recruiting volunteers



  • 1. Add your association on volunteering websites, list of NGOs, website that list free events of the month, ...
  • 2. Talk about your association in a passionate speech at your local radio, newsletter,...
  • 3. Get all your nice promotional material (flyers, posters,etc) updated and at hands
  • 4.Communicate about your association and its events and needs on social media and get your members to share the posts.
  • 5. Talk about your association and share its social media posts in related groups or events on the internet
  • 6.Organise information spots in university open days, (adult) schools, related fairs or events
  • 7. Organise a discovery day only for parents or adults
  • 8. Organise free activities focused on parents or adults where you can promote your association
  • 9. Organise games or typical activities for parents or adults to make them understand the spirit of your association
  • 10. Run regular fun activities for parents and adults to make them meet, keep in touch, have fun together and get involved
  • 11. Get in touch with previous volunteers who may have been away for some time but would feel ready to get involved again
  • 12. Run regular fun activities for parents and adults to make them meet, keep in touch, have fun together and get involved
  • 13. Try to recruit different types of profiles (personality, skill set,etc,...)
  • 14. Have a chat with the potential volunteers to clearly define their skills and how they could be helpful to your association and then explain how they could help
  • 15. In case your association is multilingual, pay attention to communicate in the different languages spoken by audience so that everybody feels included
  • 16. Organize a party or event to have volunteers inviting potential volunteers- Bring a friend event
  • 17. Focus your communication strategy on what you have to offer and not only on which profile you need. It will bring diversity in your association
  • 18. Advertise about the skills gained in the volunteer job, potentially very useful for a future job, increase your CV with transferable skills
  • 19.Go to fairs and go to stands held by other associations to share about what you do
  • 20. Collaborate and meet with other like-minded organizations
  • 21. Reassure people that they can start with smaller task to learn to know the organization – Get a clear progression path
  • 22.When you have a position to fill, try to reach out to people that could fit directly. The personal approach is very efficient.


The following presentation shows the differences between recruitment for volunteer work and paid or corporate work, which is very important if you want your recruitment to be successful, as well as what to put forward when you want to recruit volunteers and more recruitment ideas…


Identifying the worker – right profile, competitive CV

Attracting the worker – professional prospects, salary, opportunities

Screening/interviewing the worker – checking skills and achievements, understanding personality, expectations


Identifying the volunteer – right profile, track record (or not), enthusiasm

Attracting the volunteer – opportunities, experience, soft skills

Screening/interviewing the volunteer – risk management, reliability, availability/workload

What added value does volunteering provide to each category ?


● Meeting new people

● Community feeling

● Input for teachers

● Feeling of giving back

● Involvement in children’s activities

● Networking

● New friendships

● Exploring a field

● Seeing what topics are important for the youth

● Meeting people they would never meet otherwise


● New forms of teaching and education

● Soft skills

● Intercultural friendships

● Network of friends around the world

● Experience

● Feeling of having an impact

● Shaping the future

● Getting feedback

● Being involved in something people have been doing since their childhood

● Mindset growth

● Personal development

● Meeting people they would never meet otherwise


● Idea of what staffing and leading looks like

● Widening horizons

● New friends with different backgrounds

● Personal development

● Community feelings

● Critical thinking

● New skills that traditional education doesn’t teach

● Getting inspiration

● Meeting people they would never meet otherwise

What do your chapters currently do for each category ?


● Binding parents with tasks during camps, mandatory for parents who wish to send a child to a camp (the tasks may be chosen)

● Parents with specific skills asked for help

● Parent camps

● Social meetings for adults who used to take part in the association to get the community feeling back and to make them come back

● Having people who have experienced it and be able to share about it


● Speaking in universities and higher education schools, mostly pedagogy and languages

● Facilitating the internship requirement, “including” them into the experience the camps

● Focusing on scientific/technical volunteers who can get soft skills

● Having people who have experienced it, share about it


● Helping out can be useful for an application for hard-to-get camps (JC, seminars, etc)

● Information sessions in schools for specific programs

● Spreading the word for JB, holding stands when possible

“Unofficial” political standshaving people who have experienced it, share about it

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