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Create a positive (learning) environment

Training In this session the trainees get in the mood for their learning experience. They will create a positive learning environment both as a group and as individuals. They will learn that creating a positive and safe space is essential to a good group dynamic and also for them to be openminded to the time […]

Fish bowl of conflicts

Training The point of this session is to understand that it is important especially in conflict situations to listen to other people ideas and not just your own. As a Tips for facilitators having a good idea of all the practical responsibilities is important because there may be a lot of questions. It could be […]

Playing group dynamics

Training Participants will learn about group dynamics, leadership and appropriate reactions to change or unexpected situations where they have to act quickly. Designed by Karo Serafin Training session Download the training session Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic can benefit your volunteers, here is a step-by-step guide for you to run […]

Supporting volunteers to succeed


Training Marcela Niemeyer is an Executive Director of Global HR and a former member of CISV Brazil. She is experienced in developing and implementing global talent management strategies. Marcela is also a leader in Diversity and Inclusion and has the talent to ensure that all team members feel engaged and their efforts valued. In the […]

Communication Process

Training Diego Gatica (CISV Mexico) is passionate about linking non- formal education to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. He has created his own association, Common Future Education.  In this session, Diego wants to help Youth Workers recognize the elements of the communication process and how they can use them for conflict resolution. […]

Non-violent communication

Training Communication is a process of exchange of information and emotions that influence two or more people and take place in a given context.  The principle of non-violent communication (NVC)  helps to pay attention to inner needs and non-verbal cues, both our own and those of others. This simple training can help develop a range […]

Develop your Growth Mindset

Training Liliana Rojas (CISV Peru)  is an expert in Ontological Coaching and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She is a specialist in child and leadership development.  In this webinar, she will show us how to develop our Growth Mindset!”. A growth mindset enables you to believe that you’re in control of your skills. Your abilities are something you […]

Public Speaking : how to speak with a group

Webinar Paul - Public Speaking

Training Paul Emtsev (CISV Germany)  is an outstanding specialist in strategic communication, public speaking, facilitating, etc. Paul loves sharing his tips and tools about communication on social media, watch his newest video here.   For this webinar, he will guide us through the essential steps toward an efficient way to communicate with a group.  Webinar Watch […]

Conflict Strategies

Training Marcel Van Britsom (CISV Belgium) is a professional trainer and a psychosocial risk advisor. As an expert in Learning and Development Marcel is offering us an excellent way to handle conflict and analysis of conflict escalation Training session Download the training session Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic can benefit […]

Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Training Mark Flores (CISV Philippines) is an expert in Human Resources and Organisation Development. He has been developing a leadership development programme for CISV International and massively contributed to the Tips for Trainer part of this platform. If you’re lucky enough to meet Mark, you will be amazed by his passion, generosity, and kindness. Many […]

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