Group Dynamics


Karla Valenzuela Prado (CISV Mexico) is a Psychologist who works as a Narrative Therapist and as a CISV Volunteer. Due to her interest in positive human relationships, she shares a session for building effective group dynamics offering us the opportunity to understand how groups influence all members and what holds a group together.

This training showcases a team exercise that participants can use for understanding the team development stages, the characteristics of high-performing teams, and or team effectiveness. 

Training session
Download the training session

Interesting topic, isn’t it? If you feel like this topic can benefit your volunteers, here is a step-by-step guide for you to run this session with your association. Thank you for this great session Karla Valenzuela !

Download the annexe

Here is the annexe shared during the training session.  This can inspire you if you are running this session with your own association. 


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