CISV Belgium

CISV BE is a Belgian association sans but lucratif (asbl) set up in 1969 to build up friendship and mutual understanding of different cultures all over the world. The association helps their young participants to learn to respect different and common values, to develop to their full potential as future active citizens, to make a difference in their communities and the world. Moreover, they give to their young participants the opportunity to build global friendships and lifetime networks. Over the years CISV BE volunteers have organized tens of international educational programmes and have sent abroad hundreds of children, with the constant support from youth workers (YWs). CISV BE offers different activities: The association organises international camps for teenagers and young adults from the age of 11. In the camps, the participants learn to live and cooperate with participants coming from all over the world, taking part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities. Older participants are encouraged to plan and organise activities themselves, collaborating, and sticking to the objective of peace education, around the themes of identity, democracy, environmental protection, etc. The asbl also organised international or national community-based programs in partnership with local organisations. In that case, a group of volunteers coming from different countries work together on a community project that benefits a community and its environment. CISV BE operates in close partnership with CISV international that is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding through innovative, fun, non-formal « learning by doing » programs. CISV International is a UNESCO partner Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), holds participatory status with the Council of Europe and is a candidate member of the European Youth Forum.

Team members

Emilie Wirth - Project Manager

Emilie has a participant and youth worker experience in CISV and is now in charge of the fundraising team, so she has to build projects to help CISV Belgium raise money to organise all its programs. She worked as an interpreter for different institutions and organisations and has taken part in different projects with NGOs at a national and international level for example with refugees so she is used to intercultural communication and international relations. She now works as a language teacher for adults from all origins and backgrounds and is very talented in creating a team atmosphere and feeling in mixed groups. She will be the coordinator of this project and will be in charge of the communication and project management with the partner countries and organisations, in cooperation with Mélissa Lauwers. 

Mélissa Lauwers - Project Manager

Melissa is a “CISV Stereotype”. Originally from CISV Belgium from active volunteer in Belgium to staff for CISV International she has accumulated experience, comprehension and  understanding of the organisation, its development, and its needs. From CISV camps to bigger projects like Truth Project she likes sharing her energy and expertise in international project management. She loves connecting people to work for a common goal and she ensured the effective communication between all parties involved. In collaboration with Emilie Wirth, she articulates the project and makes sure that this initiative benefits CISV as a whole. 

Catherine Cristou - Training Coordinator

Catherine has a Master in psychology from the University of Brussels, her career led her to run an HR service for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant followed by consultancy in career coaching and skills development, Trained and certified at  MBTI, Insights, Mindfulness and Coaching. She fully dedicates herself to missions accompanying people or organisations in their sustainable growth process. What she loves most of all is helping people to evolve beyond their limiting beliefs. This allows them to know better who they are, nurture their deep roots. In her spare time, Catherine also volunteers for CISV and is President of a Belgian Chapter. She loves when she can induce a teenager  to ask themselves : “Who am I really ? What impact can I have on the world ?

Sabrina - Activity Coordinator

Sabi is Italian-Brazilian and has been in CISV since she was 11, but took a long break to return as an adult in 2016. After a few camps as leader and staff, she became a Village Leadership Trainer in Italy. Currently she lives in Belgium, and is helping TRUTH in the Online Activities and Activity Guidance modules, as well as with the Activity Templates.

Nora Karim - Project Management Coordinator

Nora is a young woman full of energy, projects and ambition. She presents herself as a warrior who loves challenges. Always positive and smiling, she holds high her values of friendship, peace and sustainability. At the moment she is working on the creation of her company with the aim of creating a better world through her project.
With her vast experience in project creation, event organisation, public relations and team management, she is sharing her skills and knowledge to work for this magnificent Truth project in the project management team.
To reload her batteries, she enjoys walking in nature with her loyal companion, going to the cinema, playing the flute, cooking and chatting over organic good tea with her friends.

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